MadWorld 2015: A Wrap-up


Flying in from a rather cold and wet East Coast of the USA, San Diego was a beautiful sea-change. The Californian sun was warm, the skies were sensationally blue throughout and I had MadWorld to attend.


Everything from the conference location to the speaker list, from the variety of presentations to the cool Hospitality Lounge made an immense impression.



Anthony Olivier, the founder of Madcap Software kicked off MadWorld by welcoming a room packed full of Madcappers (or so one would hope!) and introducing us to our keynote speaker Wayne Cotter.
I’ve been to a few TW conferences, but I was forewarned by more than 1 person “there are conferences and then there is MadWorld“. Who else would have a speaker who wanted to bring humour to a keynote.

Wayne Cotter comes from an engineering background and one would assume has worked with Technical Writers/Communicators, because he was spot on with his remarks about most things us Tech Writers do. Talking about a recent OS update he made to his laptop, had to say this “Windows is like a trophy wife. Expensive and when you get a new one, you still have to support the old one.” He spoke at length about our profession being an unique one in that we get to catalogue human stupidity and kept the audience in splits for almost 45 mins, with some sparkling gems about warnings, troubleshooting sections etc.
What a brilliant start to the conference!
Well, I was told this could get addictive and it did.

The following are summaries of sessions I attended:
You’re Using Capture with Flare, Right?
The Power of Print in MadCap Flare
Best Practices for Going Mobile
Supercharging Search
Lightning Talks
Case Study: Goodbye Tripane, Hello Frameless Top Navigation
Managing a MadCap Flare Project
Developing Topic-Based Thinking
Embedded Video Production and Integration Tips for HTML5

In between all these presentations, there was ample time to catch up with some friends, old and new and some great networking opportunities. The Happy Hour at the Local Pacific Beach, with its Hawaiian fare made provided an ideal foil to a day packed with content goodness and was a great place to unwind, watching the sun go down on the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This was my first MadWorld, but I am sure this won’t be my last!

P.S. A few photos of the great conference venue…




One thought on “MadWorld 2015: A Wrap-up

  1. Wendy Barstad

    Nice wrap-up and nice photos, I can agree coming from Norway, the climate and surroundings were beautiful 🙂 It was also my first MadWorld and as a newbie, I felt very much like a fish out of water, but the sessions were great, informative and I made some great connections on both sides of the pond. I’m looking forward to calling myself a MadCap’er soon 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of a great Conference and experience. Wendy 🙂

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