Summary – Embedded Video Production and Integration Tips for HTML5


Presented by: Dave Hodgson

Videos have become an inevitable part of content and there’s no denying that they complement other written content in a large number of scenarios.
In his excellent case study, Dave gave us an overview of the different video formats and tools and how their team went about embedding and using videos in their help content at Keysight Technologies.

A few things to think about, while embedding videos in HTML5 content:
a. Videos look great on a larger display (tablet, desktop etc), but how can one work with content on smaller devices. One answer is to de-emphasize branding to enhance screen space on smaller devices.
b. Are you including video because it will really improve your users help experience or just because it is “cool”?
c. If you are including MP4/MPEG videos in embedded help, make sure you check for licence requirements
d. Best practice – Avoid intros and outros in videos to keep videos sharp and relevant.
e. Design your videos for maintenance.
f. Design for future edits and changes. Make updating video content as easy as updating text content.

To summarise, Dave reckons users will come to expect video in content and if it’s absent, they’ll notice.


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